19 juin 2017

L’amour des commencements

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Non, ce que j’aimais, ce que j’aime encore, c’est une langue assez souple pour se laisser indéfiniment renouveler, insensiblement séduire, détourner du droit chemin, assez docile pour qu’il n’y ait nul besoin rageur de la casser, assez contraignante pour qu’on n’oublie jamais son altérité, pour qu’en elle, dans les moments de grâce, je puisse me fondre et, après, comme comblé par le vide des mots, me ressaisir. Si la langue était mon idéal de femme!

Jean Bertrand Pontalis

12 juin 2017

Krishnamurti – La nécessité d’être seul – Livre Audio

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6 juin 2017

Pierre le Grand de retour à Versailles 300 ans après (diaporama)

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Pierre le Grand de retour à Versailles 300 ans après (diaporama) dans Envie de partager pierre_ier_tsar_de_russie_field_mise_en_avant_principale_1_0_0-900x359


Entre mai et juin 1717, le tsar Pierre le Grand séjournait à Versailles et dans ses environs. Une visite diplomatique historique entre le réformateur russe et le jeune roi Louis XV, alors âgé de sept ans. A l’occasion de ce tricentenaire, le château de Versailles organise une exposition, « Pierre le Grand, un tsar en France, 1717″. Celle-ci prend place au Grand Trianon, où le tsar a séjourné pendant sa visite à Versailles, depuis mercredi 30 et jusqu’au 24 septembre prochain.  → Lire l’article ici


3 juin 2017

Le Zèbre

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Le Zèbre dans Envie de partager mp

Camille eut beau passer en revue toutes les écritures quelle connaissait, elle ne parvenait pas à fixer ses soupçons. L’Inconnu demeurait insaisissable. Telle de ses remarques avait la fraîcheur de l’adolescence, une autre le bouquet de l’expérience. A chaque fois qu’elle le lisait, une douce volupté descendait dans son âme.

Alexandre Jardin

25 mai 2017

Monolog d’une femme / Монолог Женщины

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That’s how it was the first … ! We had to be late ,
Somewhere to stand on the sidelines …
What to do – their nerve …
Was as if the exam from Friday counting the days …
As well : a meeting under the clock …
Under the clock … here they are …
And its not in place ! ( How inappropriate nerves passed !)
Well, of course , on a date , I was not so many years !
It’s frightening to count ….

Well I : glad or not glad ? We’ll see …
Only necessary, it was necessary to be late ….
You fool! Hair done , got into a new coat ,
Hurry , like a girl ! Ran ! What next?

Modern woman , a modern woman !
Wrapped in vanity , but , as before divine !
Let a little tired , but , as before, is perfect!
Until the end incomprehensible , nobody TIMELESS !

Modern woman , a modern woman !
That sad and pensive , it is light and solemn !
Prove its weakness , fight it in audacity
Men try in vain , in vain hope !

Brags not power, but it , nevertheless ,
And caring service , and caring family !
Everything in the world has known , all the hardships passed ,
Modern woman remains a mystery !

Romeo my yet discreetly …
Well, wait for him , I’m very modern !
Sometimes it takes sadness : it needs to be , for example,
Flirty ( slegka! ) and unapproachable ( in moderation! ) .

All you have time : seem carefree
And buy the flowers myself walking home from work .
Itself to wash , cook myself dinner.
Clean apartment with unnecessary zeal …

Call a friend – married and happy
And it is very wise to be known as , to be very patient .
Listen and repeat words without arguing :
Of course, you’re right ! Husbands – a real mountain …

And put a tube , quietly and wearily
And , teeth clenched , live, by all means !
And to suffer alone, forgotten , like plants,
And wait for another damn birthday …

And look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles .
Again, self-pity . And more – hate !
Carry your sadness, playing with the fate of hide and seek.
And cry at night . And in the morning to be ok !

To college and be angry for no reason …
Well here they are on the street – men!
Entourage on selection , with dignity arrogant
Smug floor , considered strong!

How indifferent you are and how you are nasty !
Kissed by the lions, tigers shabby !
Staring people , aging body ….
Well, where the hell is he ? Indeed , where is he?

Ambulance … the city, like the field!
Voice universal ills , like the flag , lift …
( God, maybe something happens to you ?)
Street all turned and froze everything.

Scream tight crowded heart and memory.
He announces : Catch That would be ! To catch ! Time! ..
Again with a telephone disc breaks finger!
Ambulance pierces frozen Avenue …
Looks around the world . Requests love of salvation .

And until now, doctors are beyond crowd -
Crumble the strongest friendship and family.
And the singer not the song throat , and blood!
Voice unhappiness over the city rushes again …

It is strange that in those moments , despite everything ,
Believe in eternal help quiet word.
In the ambulance outstretched good hands ….

Well … please come , beloved , come to me to be lonely rebuke .
Come , please , come back . For him my commandments …
Arrows stupid hurrying , not coming up with anything ,
I have already forgiven you , your lord .

All usually in my dreams , I wish – not suddenly -
Be cautious of the crucifixion and strong hands !
That we would become hot, and then another hot ! ..
And bury in your shoulder . And wake up on this arm …

You see, you and I could name a favorite !
Should not have – at once … It is better – when gradually.
It is better – then better after …
Favorite , listen, because it is better …
But where I find this is the best ?

Oh, if you knew , loved how scary and wildly
Make themselves ad in the newspaper :
Blonde, quite cute,


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